Design Process

Getting Started

The web site design process can be much less overwhelming if the client goes in with a good idea of what he or she wants and is able to communicate that to the designer. However, that is not always as simple as it sounds. Because of this, we follow a process that is designed to effectively communicate the client's ideas to the designer and get the web site up and running in a timely manner.

After you send a request for work, expect to be contacted within 24 hours. Once we discuss some basics, you will receive a questionnaire that helps nail down some specifics about the type of site you're looking for and gives an idea of the amount of work that will be involved.

Initial Meeting

Following completion of the questionnaire, an initial meeting will be set up to look over possible layouts and discuss the web site's structure and navigation. We will also go over an estimated timeline and cost for the project. Upon agreement with the terms of the project, the client owes 50% of the total project cost upfront. For most projects, the remaining 50% will be paid upon completion of the web site.


Using the information that has been gathered, we will then begin to draft a sitemap for the web site and create mockups of potential designs and logos. The client will be presented with a few different options from which to choose from. Based on client input, some changes can be made (color, font, placement, etc.) before the web site is actually built. During this period, we will also need to collect any content provided by the client (images, logos, text, etc.).


The actual construction of the web site can range in time depending on the size of the web site, the amount of scripting/programming involved, and how much custom content is being built. A small web site with some custom graphics and interactive elements can generally be completed in a few weeks. We will stay in touch during this period to give updates regarding the status. Once the site is almost ready to be published, the client will be provided a test link in order to point out any errors or small changes that need to be made before the site goes live.


After the client gives final approval, the web site will be posted to the chosen domain and hosted for a minimum of one year. The remaining 50% of the agreed-upon price is due within 30 days of publishing. Minor changes will also be allowed during this period at no extra cost to the client. The new web site will not automatically receive high search rankings, so the client and designer will work together to build links and spread the word about the new web site. Read more about how to improve your search rankings.


For a fee, Port Street Design can also update your web site with new information. However, content that is to be updated very often should probably be handled from someone within your organization.